Kritya 2017

  • Kritya International Poetry Festival 2017-18
    1. Introduction

    KRITYA International Poetry Festival 2017 is the 11th edition of the poetry festival organized by KRITYA Literary Trust. Kritya has organized one Poetry Festival every year since its inception in different parts of India with the support of a local host. The aim of the International poetry festival is to introduce different languages, literature and culture to poets and artists from around the world, and to build a bridge between Indian cultures and those of the world. Kritya Poetry festival provides a common platform for poetry lovers from all over the world to come together and share their poems, thoughts and ideas. We also focus on encouraging young and quality talent and taking poetry to common people and also to use poetry as a therapy for cancer patients.

    1. Theme

    Theme of 11thKritya Poetry Festival will be “Poetry to people”. This is a highly relevant theme in today’s world where we suffer from the various negative impacts of different media.

    “Most people ignore poetry because most poetry ignores most people” – Adrian Mitchell (a leading British poet).

    The state of modern poetry can be summed up in these words. We, at Kritya, are trying to take poetry out of the conventional reading halls and taking to the people; to the masses. Poetry has suffered from alienation in the modern times, has not been popular among the laymen. There used to be times when poets could move the masses –sway the mind of the public.

    1. Objectives


    1. Poetic communication between Indian and International Poets:

    Upcoming KRITYA festival highlights poetic voices from different parts of the world, having similarity in their thought despite the diversities in cultures. We are inviting around twenty international poets with great stature. We are also inviting same number of Indian poets. We also involve young upcoming poets for translation and presentations and performance, so that they can communicate with international and senior poets.

    1. Enriching the Language and literature;-

    We are translating all international poetry into Malayalam and Hindi and try to bring out anthology, that is how enrich our languages in the field if modern poetry.

    1. Poetry as a therapy

    As our saint poets always used poetry as a therapy, we feel that in modern world also we can use poetry as therapy, especially for the patients, who have to suffer from fatal diseases like cancer, and get into depression. We also communicate with prisoners, via poetry to develop creativity in them and enable them to assimilate to society.

    1. Poetry to young mind

    We take our poets to schools and colleges to develop their aesthetic taste and creativity.

    1. To Introduce our Master Poets:

    Every time when we have poetry festival in Kerala, we take poets to Asan Smarakam, a place in memory of Late Poet Kumaran Asan, to introduce them to our great poetic Heritage.

    1. To Introduce our Traditional and Folk culture to our International guests:

    At Kritya Festival we always promote and present Folk Cultural Forms for our guests and thus encourage our folk art forms.

    Thus KRITYA would try to connect people to poetry and to its emotive aspects.


    1. Proposed Approach

    Kritya has a bunch of national and international poet advisors, who helps selecting poets from India and abroad for the yearly festivals. They include Fernando Rendón, Gabriel Rosenstock(Ireland), Menna Elfyn, Amir Or(Israel), Kamal Vora, Prof. K. Satchidanandan, V. Madhusoodhanan Nair etc…

    Once final list of participating poets are decided, we invite them for Festival. We receive the poems of the participating poets and their English translations and we translate them into Regional language of that year’s festival venue.

    Responsibility of the hospitality of the guests, their local travel, poetry performances, media presentations, cultural events, artist fees, gifts etc… are to rest with KRITYA.

    We help the poets to take their poetry to avenues of life and in the process help young budding poets and artists to get exposed to world poetry and provide a platform for presenting their own voices.