We celebrated IInd  poetry festival by releasing Dogari special in Abhinava (Jammu & Kashmir) in collaboration with the J&K Academy of Arts, Culture and Languages on 4 July 2006.

Nukkadh Natak ( street play) ) – “theeth” (insight) was played by Rangayug artists in the opening in front of the theater. The esteemed group of artists and lecturers enjoyed the play as much as the common men of the city.

Noted singer artist Naina Sapru sang a beautiful Dogari folk song- Nirbhay singh Salathiya presented ” meri gali cha fera daal ja tu mra ji nii lagada”; afterwards a duet was presented by both the singers- “kapde dhoaan kanne roaankunjua bitch button nishani O..” Three artists recited the poems of famous Dogari poets.

Rajkumar Bahrupiya , noted actor of Rangyug recited Kehari Singh Madhukar’s poem- ‘be charag bastiyan’ followed by ‘mu uain par mullah jade mane cha jaldi jalan aih mre samen da chalan aih.’ Chanchal Sharma, the noted singer, presented Padma Sachdeva’s poetry and Dr Sudher Mahajan recited the poem of Mohan Lal Sapoliya. Prof. Ved Bhasin , the chairman of ” The Kashmir Times” group of publications- congratulated the Kritya team for making an effort to explore the gems of literature in the regional languages and providing them exposure at the international level.

The Kashmir Times, Jammu
Wednesday, July 5, 2006 JAMMU,
July 4; Art and literature unite the hearts so efforts should be made to use them as a binding force to create a “new world” imbuing only peace and prosperity — was the underlying message on the momentous occasion of release ceremony of the first ever Dogri poetry: A special number of web magazine here today.
The function was organized by Organization of Art, Culture, Languages (OACL), Kerala on the occasion of “Kavita Utsav- II” in collaboration with J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages (JKAACL) at Abhinav Theatre. The Web magazine was released by OACL ‘s founder Director Dr Rati Saxena, who was the guest of honour in the function, while Chairman “The Kashmir Times” group of publications Ved Bhasin graced the occasion as the chief guest.