Kritya in Europe 2009

Binario 7 theatre – magic evening
‘Pagliarani, Matarrese and Saxena, poetry has no boundaries’

A full day dedicated to the contemporary poetry, last saturday.
In the Binario 7 theatre was organize the CReO, an international symposium with discussions, readings, performance and video-poetry. The day began at 10 in the morning with an alternation of examples of teaching poetry, especially at the local level, continued in the afternoon with a sigh more international and ended in the evening with “CReO international voice”. Intruduced by Dome Bulfaro, the evening began with an interview in video, realized by Luca paci and [A]live Poetry, to Elio Pagliarani (born in 1927), one of the poets who most shake up the world of Italian contemporary poetry. And, for sure, he shakes up from video the souls of the people that was there saturday evening. A man who tells you about himself reading his poems, especially from the book “La ragazza Carla” (The young girl called Carla), an experimental poem became his masterpiece. But also when he reads “Canto d’amore” (Poem of love) or the poems dedicated to his favourite poet: Pier Paolo Pasolini. A man who could have known through his wrinkles, his grimaces, his house submerged in books.
The evening goes on with a reading by Eleonora Matarrese with music by Ryck Valli: a long poem called “Die Welt”, that the young poet (born in 1976, with origin from Puglia) read with music. A “memento mori” disquieting and powerful, made even more touching to the intensity of the music. At the end, guest of honor of the evening, the indian poet Rati Saxena (in the picture), introduced and traduced by Federico Federici. Rati Saxena dressed an elegant black sari and she read her poems in the original language. Poems in hindi, that are music, placidity, levity, quiet. And life. Poems, traduced by Federico Federici, that are words of love and friendship. The love and the friendship that we can find in the small things, for example insects and objects. This joyful poetry from Rati Saxena made the international also the evening of CReO: “An important evening – said Dome Bulfaro -that draw, through the English language, a bridge between Italy, United Kingdom and India”. An important evening ad the end of an important day that made global the local reality.
The day of CReO was organized by Mille Gru cultural association curated by Eleonora Matarrese, in collaboration with the city of Monza, the Binario 7 theatre.


Kritya in Stavanger (Norway) ( 2009 May-17)

Kritya has reading in Stavanger ( Norway) .  Director of International House stavanger Peter has invited kritya for poetry reading in the celebration of National day of Norway.







 Rati Saxena is reading & Odvieg Klyve is presanting translation of poetry











 Rati Saxena with the Police Commissioner in Stavanger at special Lunch


                                                                 Poetry Reading at the home of Odvieg klyve

                                                                                                                       in Stavanger








Meet the Poet Hegle at Stavanger










                                                                    Meet with Poet Torgeir Schjerven








Inger Elizabeth Hansen

Reading in rome