(15th, 16th & 17th   September 2013)

International Poetry Festival-Kritya 2013 held at Wardha with the support of Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya


The Eight International Poetry Festival Kritya2013,  held at Wardha (Maharashtra) with the support of Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya, on 15, 16 and 17 September 2013. The festival theme this time was “’Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ across Many Cultures.” Though “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (Universal brotherhood) is an ancient Vedic concept of the world as one family, it continues to be interpreted through time by various individuals in different ways. Religious leaders and their followers interpreted it to impose unity based on religion and this interpretation led to wars of conquest. But the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam as interpreted by Mahatma Gandhi, who associated it with peace and kinship, is more relevant than ever in the current conditions of disturbance and uncertainty.

List of International Poets Attending Kritya 2013

Anastassis Vistonitis (Greece) –Vistonitis has published eleven books of poetry, three volumes of essays, four travelogues, a book of short stories and a book of translations of the Chinese poet Li Ho. Emigrating (1972), Scouts (1974), Alone [poems to E.A. Poe] (1975), Ashes (1980), Land (1981), Origins (1984), The Gardens of the Moon (1990), Sky-made Earth (1996), The Sun on the Ditch (2004), The Internal Exile (poems 1971-1995) and The Roses of Acherusia Lake (2008) are the titles of his poetry collections.

His writings have been translated into 17 languages. Presently, he lives in Athens and writes for the leading Greek newspaper To Vima

Aurélia Lassaque (b. 1983) is is an Occitan and French poet. She is keenly interested in the relationship between poetry and music and has collaborated with musicians for numerous music and poetry shows. She has also collaborated creatively with various painters and visual artists for exhibitions in France, Italy and the US. Her poems have been translated into English, Italian, Austrian, Basque, Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish, Turkish and Finnish for numerous journals and anthologies.

 Helena Sinervo (Finland) has published eight collections of poems and three novels. Her latest poetry book Väärän lajin laulut (Songs of the Wrong Species, 2010) was awarded the acclaimed Dancing Bear Award which was given to her also for another book Ihmisen kaltainen (Like a Human Being, 2000). In 2011, her publisher released a larger selection of her poetry.

Sinervo’s first novel Runoilijan talossa (In a Poet’s House, 2004) won the highly esteemed Finlandia Prize.

 Liam Ó Muirthile -His  first collection of poetry was Tine Chnámh (1984) which received the Irish-American Cultural Institute’s literary award and the major Oireachtas prize for poetry. He received the Butler Award in 1996 for his novel Ar Bhruach na Laoi, and both the Arts Council Prize and Gradam Chló Iar-Chonnacht for his third collection of poems Walking Time: Agus Dánta Eile.Liam Ó Muirthile has also written for the stage. Amharclann de hÍde produced his play Tine Chnámh in the Project Theatre in Dublin in 1993.

Margus Lattik, better known by his pen-name Mathura, is an Estonian poet and translator. He has published seven collections of poems and a travelogue and is well known in Estonia as a vivid performer. Over the years, he has been nominated to several poetry awards and has taken part in literature festivals in Europe, India and Latin America. He is a member of the Estonian Writers Union.

Mark Granier- His poetry has appeared in numerous print and online journals including. His first two collections, Airborne (2001) and The Sky Road (2007) were published by Salmon Poetry and his third collection Fade Street was published by Salt in June 2010. He was the recipient of the Vincent Buckley Poetry Prize in 2004, two Arts Council Bursaries and The Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Poetry Fellowship in 2011. Mark Granier is also a photographer.

 Marwan Makhoul –he was awarded the First prize and a Merit certificate by the Abd al-Muhasin al-Qattan Association in Ramallah for his then unpublished collections of poems titled The Daffodil Hunter. In 2009, his book was selected as the Best Palestinian poetry collection by the Palestinian Writers Association during the celebrations of Jerusalem as the capital city of Arab culture. He also won the Best Playwright Award for his debut play Makhoul’s poetry has been translated into English, Turkish, Italian, German, French, Hebrew, Irish Gaelic and Serbian.

 Metin Cengiz: poet and writer. His poems are translated into several languages such as French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Bosnian, Russian, Romanian, Arabic, Hebrew, Azerbaijani, Serbian, and Kurdish. He eceived many national and international awards. Published twelve books of poetry and more than 10 books about poetry.

MÜESSER YENİAY- She has won several awards in Turkey including the Yunus Emre (2006), Homeros Attila İlhan (2007) and the Ali Riza Ertan (2009) prize.She has translated the poems of Persian poet Behruz Kia under the name of Lalelere Requiem. She has translated Selected Poems of Gerard Augustin together with Eray Canberk, Başak Aydınalp, Metin Cengiz (2011). She has also

 Niillas Holmberg (1990) is a versatile Sami artist from Utsjoki, Finland who has distinguished himself as a writer, musician and an actor.  He was granted the young artist’s prize by the Kalevala Society for his work for Sami culture as a writer, musician and actor. Holmberg, who has studied at the Tampere’s highschool of arts, was the young artist of the year at Riddu Riđđu festival in 2010. His poetry has been translated to Finnish, English, Norwegian, Spanish and German.

Sergio Badilla Castillo (born1947, Valparaiso) is a Chilean poet and the founder of the poetic transrealism movement in contemporary poetry. He is considered the Latin American poet with the broadest Nordic influence. Between 1981 and 1987, he published three of his Scandinavian influenced books: The Dwelling of the Sign, Oniric Song and Reverberations of Aquatic Stones. A prolific poet, he also established himself as a reputable translator of Swedish, Finnish, English, and French and Latin poetry during this period. In Sweden, his poems were included in the first anthology of Chilean Poetry published by Bonnier in 1991.

Sergio Infante (Santiago, 1947) is a Chilean poet, essayist, university professor and writer living in Sweden. He has published six poetry collections His poetry has also appeared in anthologies and magazines in the U.S. and Europe in Spanish and in translation. Infante is a cofounder of the Grupo Taller de Estocolmo, Stockholm Workshop Group which was an assembly of Chilean writers founded in 1977, in Sweden. In 2008, he published a novel The Flocks of the Cyclops. He is also the author of the doctoral thesis The Stigma of Falseness (Stockholm, 1991) and has published a significant number of articles on literary criticism. Since 1975,

 TRIIN SOOMETS (b. 1969 in Tallinn, Estonia) graduated from the Tartu University as an Estonian philologist. She is a member of Estonian Writers´ Union since 1999. She is an author of 10 poetry collections and has numerous awards. Her poems have also been published in German, English, Dutch, French, Slovenian, Finnish. Albanian, Russian and many other languages.

Poets and kritya international team

Gabriel Rosenstock (Ireland) has published over 150 books, most of them in Irish (Gaelic). He has taught haiku at the Schule für Dichtung (Poetry Academy) in Vienna. Among his awards is the Tamgha I Kidmat medal for services to literature. He has translated the work of many poets into Irish, among them Francisco X. Alarcon, Seamus Heaney, Rabindranath Tagore, Gunter Grass, W M Roggeman, Said, Zhang Ye, Michele Ranchetti, Michael Augustin, Peter Huchel, Georg Trakl, Georg Heym, Hansjorg, Schertenleib, Hilde Domin, Johann P. Tammen, Munir Niazi, Ko Un, Gunter Kunert, Iqbal, Michael Kruger, Kristiina Ehin, Nikola Madzirov, Agnar Artuvertin, Walter Helmut Fritz, K. Satchidanandan and Matthias Politycki.

Zingonia Zingone (Italy) is a poet, novelist and translator writing in Spanish and Italian. Brought up between Italy and Costa Rica, Zingone graduated in Economics and has worked in banking and agriculture in Italy and Central America. Her poetry collections include Mascara del delirio (Ediciones Perro Azul, 2006, Lietocolle, 2008), Cosmo-agonia (Ediciones Perro Azul, 2007) Tana Katana (Ediciones Perro Azul, 2009), Equilibrista del olvido/L’equilibrista dell’oblio (Raffaelli Editore, 2011), The Acrobat of Oblivion (Poetywala, 2012) and Marethu Hoda Dombarake (Aharnishi Prakashana, 2012). Her novel published in Italian is titled Il velo (Elephanta Press, 2000). Her poems have been published in numerous literary magazines and thematic anthologies. She has also translated Alarma de Virus (Ediciones Espiral, 2012), a poetry book by the Marathi poet Hemant Divate, from English into Spanish. Zingone’s poetry has been translated into English, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi and Malayalam.

 Annelisa Addolorato is an Italian writer, poet and translator. Brought up and educated in Italy and Spain, she writes in both Italian and Spanish. She has published two bilingual collections of poetry in Spain titled Mariposas y falenas-Farfalle e falene and La palabra ‘lasca’ o la reconstrucción de Pompeya-La parola ‘lasca’ o la ricostruzione di Pompei. Addolorato’s forthcoming book of poems My Voice seeks you (Cross-Cultural Communications in New York) is due for publication in the U.S.

Odveig Klyve (Norway) is a Norwegian writer, translator, and film director. She has published many  poetry collections and eight children’s books.  She has also translated the work of the Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad, the Palestinian poet Fadwa Tuqan and the English poet Sarah Maguire. She has written and directed short films that were selected for international festivals in Europe, USA and India. Presently, Klyve lives in Stavanger, Norway.

List of Indian Poets Attend Kritya 2014

  • Sitanshu Yashaschandra   ( Gujarati ) is among contemporary Gujarati literature’s most eminent representatives. A poet, playwright, translator and academic, he has received several awards over the years from the Sahitya Akademi Award (1987) for his significant opus, Jatayu, to the Padma Shri (2006) from the Government of India.
  • Satchidanandan ( Malayalam ) is a major Indian poet and critic, writing in Malayalam, and English. Satchidanandan has established himself as an academician, editor, translator and playwright. He has introduced several poets like Garcia Lorca, Alexander Block, Voznesensky, Pablo Neruda, Cesar Vallejo, Bertolt Brecht, Paul Celan, Zbignew Herbert, Eugenio Montale, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Mahmoud Darwish and Yehuda Amichai to Malayalam readers through translations and studies besides a lot of Black, Latin American and Indian poetry. He has also travelled widely, writing and lecturing.
  •  Rituraj- is a senior poet in Hindi. He began his writing career in the mid 1970s and has ten collections of poetry to his credit. Rituraj has spent most of his life away from the big cities – a fact that has had an enduring impact on his poetry. Several awards have been conferred upon him including the prestigious Pahal Samman, Meera Puraskar, Sudhindra Puraskar and Bihari Puraskar. He is currently at work on an anthology of women-centric poems entitled Mashuq.
  • Vinod Kumar Shukla is a modern Hindi writer known for his simple yet charming style that often borders on magic-realism. His works include the novels Naukar ki Kameez (which has been made into a movie The Servant’s Shirt by Mani Kaul); and Deewar Mein Ek Khirkee Rahati Thi (A Window lived in a Wall) which won the Sahitya Akademi Award for the best Hindi work in 1999.
  • H.S.Shivaprakash (Hulkuntemath Shivamurthy Sastri) (Kannada)is a leading poet and playwright writing in Kannada. He is professor at the School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, currently serving as the dean of the school. He has seven anthologies of poems, twelve plays, and several other books to his credit. His works have been widely translated into English, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.
  • Subodh Sarkar ( Bangala)- (b1958) is a major Bengali poet with 22 books of poems and one travelogue on America. Critics find his poetry as ‘incisive, provocative, satiric, manipulative and most of all, entertainingly contemporary’. Sarkar has participated in several International Poetry Festivals at Taiwan, Germany, France, USA and Czech Republic. Invited by IWP, University of Iowa he participated in the New Symposium at Paros, a Greek Island, in 2007.
  • Sudeep Sen- ( English )is widely recognized as a major new generation voice in world literature and ‘one of the finest younger English-language poets in the international literary scene’ (BBC Radio). Sen’s prize-winning books include: Postmarked India: New & Selected Poems (HarperCollins), Distracted Geographies, Prayer Flag, Rain, Aria  His poems, translated into twenty-five languages, have featured in major international anthologies.
  •  Abhay K. is an Indian poet-diplomat. Winner of the SAARC Literature Award and nominated for the Pushcart Prize.
  • Pravasini Mahakud –She is an Oidia Writer and Translator. She has published six collections of poetry books, and translated eight books from Hindi to Oidia. She is also collum writer for journals and papers. She is recipient of Odisha sahitya Akademy award .
  • PRASENJIT GAIKWAD (MARATHI) Prasenjit Gaikwad is noted Marathi poet. He is known as poet of philosophy in poetic arena of Maharashtra. Has three collection of poems published and has edited other three poetry collections.Prasenjit is known through his poetry to every rural Maharashtrian who can read.
  • Mamta Sagar -(Kannada) Mamta has three collections of poems, “Hiige Haaleya Maile Haadu” (Like this the song) 2007 (to be published shortly), and four plays to her credit.[citation needed] “The Swing of Desire”.
  • Divik Ramesh :An eminent senior Hindi Poet, translator and Author for Children.
  • Naresha Saxena- a Hindi poet/Play writer, several Plays, short films and documentaries, TV serials etc. to his credit. He has edited several journals related to poetry and art. He has been awarded several awards like Pahal Samman, Kavya Bhooshan, Kavita Kosh Samman, Saroj smriti samman, Shamsher Samman, etc.
  • Dinesh Kumar Shukla- is a poet and scholar with varied interests. Has published several volumes of poetry, the latest being ‘akhar arath’ from Bharatiya Jnanpith. Has been honoured with Kedar Samman 2008 for his poetic work ‘lal-muniya ki duniya’. He is equally at home with translation.
  • Pavan Karan-is a well known name in the field of literarute .his five poetry collections are published ,  He has numerous awards as Ram Vilas Sharma Award (2000), Raza Award (2002) VaagishwariSamman (2004) Pushskin Samman, Moscow (2006), Sheela SiddhantkarSamman (2007), Rituraj Samman (2009), Kedar Samman (2012)
  • Basant Tripathi- working as Associate Professor Shrimati Binzani Girls College, Nagpur , has three poetry collection in his credit, Moujooda Haalaat ko Dekhte Hue , (1993)Sahasaa Kuchh Nahin Hota ,(2004),Utsav Ki Samapti Ke Baad (2012)
  • Rakesh Shreemal-a Hindi Poet, works as an editor in ‘Pustak Varta’ (review journal in Mahatma Gandhi Antarashtriya Hindi Vishwavidhyalay Wardha), Former executive member at Lalit kala academy New Delhi , has one poetry book ‘ Anya’ published by vani parkashan, New Delhi.
  • Harpreet Kurr– a bilingual Poet ( Punjabi and Hindi) with two collections “meree kavita kee ladkee” in Hindi and ‘tu mainu sirlekh de’is in Punjabi. She received “bhartiya bhasha parishad yuva purskar 2012” (Award). Currently working as Assistant Professor in Translation department in Mahtma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidhyalya , Wardha, India.


Mita Das –Translator, Poet, story writer and sub editor kritya journal. She has translated 3 poems for this collection.

 Basant Jaitaly –Sanskrit scholar, Poet and translator and story writer. He has worked as professor in Rajasthan University. Translated two poets for this collection

Siddheshwar Singh- Poet , translator ,researcher and blogger. Published a collection of poems titled ‘Karmanasha’ in 2012 . Research papers , literary articles, book reviews and selections from poetry of India and world famous poets published in reputed magazines , news papers and academic journals of India.

Rajluxmi Sharma –is a poet and translator, lives in Raigarh ( Chattisgarh ) ans work as teacher. She has translated more than 12 poets in this collection.

Skand Nayal – Poet and Traslator, Translated two poets in this collection

Gautam vasishtha-Poet, translator translated one poet in this collection

Rati Saxena is Award winner translator has translated 12 books from Malayalam to Hindi and two books of Norwegian Poet, translated or edited most of the poems of international poets in this collection.

Reflections of poetic forms

Kritya’s engagement with arts and the aesthetic experience through poetry and allied art forms has always manifest itself in the blending of the visual and the poetic. On the occasion an Art Exhibition and film exhibition has been envisaged. Indian artists. The art workshop will open simultaneously along with the poetry festival. The exhibition will be open to the public on all days of the festival.

A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet. Distributors, naturally, are all of the opinion that poets don’t sell seats. They do not discern whence comes the very language of the cinema. Without poets, the vocabulary of the film would be far too limited ever to make a true appeal to the public. The equivalent of a babble of infants would not sell many seats. If the cinema had never been fashioned by poetry, it would have remained no more than a mechanical curiosity, occasionally on view like a stuffed whale.”