Participated Poets

agni-11 Agni Shekhar(India)  is a well-known Hindi writer and poet from Kashmir. Apart from being a poet, he is a Mountaineer, Public speaker, and a known political thinker representing the Kashmiri Pandit community, currently living in exile.


2 Ashraf Aboul-Yazid (Egypt) Is an Egyptian poet, novelist, and journalist. He is the President of the AJA (Asia Journalist Association).  Ashraf Dali won he Manhae Prize in Literature 2014, his literary works are translated into international languages. He has published his travels to more than 33 countries in Al-Arabi magazine.

Alberto López Serrano-13 Alberto Lopez Serrano (El Salvador)(1983) Teacher in English and Mathematics. Member of the Alkimia Cultural Foundation, coordinator of the Project Wednesday of Poetry since January 2008. Manager of The writer’s House-Salarrue Museum of the Ministry of Culture of El Salvador. Director of the International Poetry Festival ‘Amada Libertad’ and of the Poetry Festival of San Salvador Member of THT.

Ambika Datta

4 Ambikadatt Chaturvedi (Rajasthan, India) Is a bilingual writer, a prominent poet of the Rajasthan Language achieved the highest award for the Rajasthani language from called Meera Puraskar, also got Sahitya Akademi Award. He has many poetry books in his credit. His poetry has a sharpness  of satire and modernity.  Lives in Rajasthan.

a J thomas5 A J Thomas (India) -English poet and fiction writer; has also translated extensively from Malayalam Poetry, fiction, and Drama over the two last decades, with several books to his credit. Regularly publishes poetry, short fiction, translations, book reviews and features on literary and cultural matters in Journals, Magazines and websites in India and Abroad. He is an honorary Editor, Indian Literature, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.

azam-16 Azam Abidov (Uzbekistan)  a poet, translator, and short story writer. He has trained in philology. He has several books of poetry and translation to his credit. Literary scholars and readers have acclaimed his English Translations from Eminent voices of Uzbek poetry.

ataol7 Ataol Behramoglu (Turkey)  a prominent Turkish poet, author, and literary translator. He has many collections of poetry along with socio-political articles. Widely traveled and known as a world poet, Ataol’s work is widely translated in different international languages. He the literary and political critic at the cadre of daily “Cumhuriyet” since 1995. In 2003 he was awarded “The Great Prize of Poetry 2003” by Turkish International P.E.N. He archived many awards from his own country and other countries as well.


8 Augusta Laar (Munich, Vienna) Lives in Munich and Vienna.  International exhibitions and projects on poetic communication. Electro-acoustic poetry duo Kunst oder Unfall, with Kalle Aldis Laar. Director of the first women’s poetry festival worldwide Schamrock-Festival of Women Poets in Munich and Vienna, Director of the Filmfestival female presence in Munich. Last publications: Avec Beat, Munich 2020; Best Friends, exhibition catalogue, Munich 2019; Spinning Records, Ledbury UK,2019; Planet 9, Horn Austria, 2017;,

azamal Khan copy9- Ajmal Khan (India) writes in English and Malayalam. His first collection of poems My Tolerant Nation was published by Wings & Roots (2017), and Malayalam one-line story collection Museebat (2017) published by Monsoon Books. His latest collection of poems The Mappila Verses is forthcoming In 2020 from Hawakal Publications. His poems have appeared in journals and anthologies in India and abroad. He was a Charles Wallace Fellow at the SOAS, the University of London in 2020 and teaches at Ashoka University.

Abhimanyu-Kumar-110 Abhimanyu Kumar (India) Is a journalist based out of Delhi. His first book of poems Milan and the Sea was published in 2017. His poems have been published in several Indian and International Journals. Being an admirer of the works of Beat writers in particular Allen Ginsberg. Abhimanyu likes to explore political themes in his work and to focus on the personal. He also edits the online magazine Sunflower Collective, which promotes the work of Beat and Hungry Generation writers, the latter being a group of the persecuted radical writers based in the east of India in the 1960s.

aakriti Kuntal11 Aakriti Kuntal (Gurugram, India) Is a poet and writer from Gurugram, India. Her work has been featured or is forthcoming in Selcouth Station, RASPUTIN: A Poetry Thread, Mad Swirl, The Bombay Literary Magazine, The Hindu, Madras Courier, Pangolin Review, and Visual Verse among others. She was awarded the Reuel International Prize 2017 for Poetry and was a finalist for the RL Poetry Award 2018.

alicia partnoy-photo12 Alicia Partnoy (Argentina/America) Poet, memoirist, scholar, and human rights activist. Alicia Partnoy is the author, translator or editor of eleven books. She is better known for the Little School: Tales of Disappearance and Survival, which was evident in the trial against the genocide perpetrator that terrorized Argentina in the 70’s, received the First settlement House American Poetry Prize. A professor at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Partnoy presides over Proyecto VOS-Voices of survivors.

13 Bbabithaabitha Marina Justin (India) is the poet, artist, and Academic from Kerala, South India, and a Pushcart Prize nominee, 2018. Her poems have appeared in National and International Journals and Magazines. Her first collection of poetry, Of Fireflies, Guns and the Hills, was published by the Writers Workshop in 2015, and the second collection, I cook my own Feast, was published in 2019.

Rohiton14 Rohinton Daruwala (India) His first collection of poems isThe Sand Libraries of Timbuktu (Speaking Tiger, 2016). His work has appeared in Strange Horizons, New Myths, Star*line, Liminality, Through the Gate, and Silver Blade. He writes Code for a Living, and speculative fiction and poetry in his spare time. He lives and works in Pune. He tweets as @wordbandar and blogs at

Mihir Vats15 Mihir Vatsa (India ) is a Jharkhand based poet and photographer. He is a former Charles Wallace Fellow at the University of Stirling and the winner of Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry prize and a Toto Funds the Arts award for Writing.

Lello Voce _ Italy16 Lello Voce Italy Lello Voce is an Italian poet, writer, and journalist. He is among the founder of Gruppo 93 and of the six-monthly literary magazine Baldus. He lives and works in Treviso, Veneto. Voce’s poems, short stories, and essays has been published in newspapers, magazines, and poetry collections in Italy and abroad, as a literary critic he has written for a number of publications on post-modernism in literature, he was the first to introduce poetry Slams in Italy.

sudhir sarkar-117 Subodh Sarkar India Is a noted Indian poet, editor, translator. Sahitya Acadamy Award Winner, with 35 books in his cradit. He was Fulbright Fellow. Currently he is the President of West Bengal Kobita Academy.

Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs18 Gabriella Gutierrez Y Muhs (America) is a professor of Modern Languages, Cultures, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Seattle University. She is the Current theilinePigott-McCone Chair (2018-2020) at Seattle University. She is a well-known scholar in the fields of Chicana and Latin American Literature, cultural studies, and feminist theory. Gutierrez y Muhs is also a renowned poet whose work has been published in numerous journals and collections in the US, France, Chile, Spain and Chile.

zulema19 Zulema Moret USA -is a writer, professor and spiritual director who assists underprivileged Latino adults in getting a diploma from their home country. The Grand Rapids Latin American Film Festival was a collaboration between Moret and several professors from other colleges to bring in films from Latin American countries. Moret also hosts screenings and discussions of spiritual films at the Dominican Center.

eldar-120 Eldar Akhadov (Russia) A member of the Union of Writers of Russia and other writers’ organizations of Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan, a member of the Russian Geographical Society, a member of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly, a member of the PEN International writing Club. The author of 60 books of poetry and prose. Laureate of the State Literary Prize of the Governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district and many more.

Ertuğrul Erdoğan21 Ertugrul Erdogan (Turkey) Is a story writer, who occasionally writes poetry. He has four storybooks in his credit. His stories were published in many print media, his new projects are “Insects in Jar”, “Candy of Candy”, “Tirse Rengi Apartment”, “Incubator Operation” and “ Corona Loneliness” under publication. He is a member of Bursa Literature and Literatute Association (BUYAZ). He worked in his own Dogan Publishing House and printing house.

116363233_10158521545763887_6103091534696161993_n (1)22 Chary Gumeta (Mexico) Poet and cultural promoter. She has published poetry and regional historica research books both in Mexico and in other countries. Her poetry has been translated into several languages. She creates and directs the YOMORAM JAYATZAME fanzine that promotes women’s literature. She is director of the San Cristobal International Contemporary Poetry Festival and coordinates the Posh Project Multidisciplinary international festival.

fernando23 Fernando Rendon (Colombia )a poet, dreamer, and director of the biggest poetry festival on the earth, called Medellin Poetry Festival. He is the founder and the General Coordinator of the World Poetry Movement (WPM) and a member of many poetic circles around the world. His poems have been most of the international languages.

Vadim24 Vadim Terekhin (Russia )A poet, co-Chairman of the Union of Writers of Russia, chairman of the Board of Kaluga regional branch of the all-Russian organization “Union of writers of Russia”, Vice-president of the International Academy of Russian literature, corresponding member of the Peter’s Academy of Sciences and arts (St. Petersburg), full member of the Academy of Russian literature (Moscow), state Councillor of class ll. He is the winner of literary prizes, Vadim Terekhin was Deputy Minister- Head of the Department of culture, Art and Cinematography of the Kaluga Region.

Francis Combes25 Francis Combes (France) a poet, activist, and translator. Published more than 20 books. His work has been translated into many international. He translated work of Mayakovsky, Brecht, Attila Jozsef, Heinrich Heine, and Jack Hirschman, etc. He was in charge of a campaign to put poems on posters, in the Parisian Metro for 15 years. He along 33 other writers founded, the publishing company Le Temps des Cerises, is also director of an international poetry festival in Paris and its suburb and participated in many poetry festivals internationally.

michelson-photo26 Seth Michelson (USA) is an award-winning poet, professor, and translator whose many collections of poetry, his translations of poetry include the books the Ghetto. He teaches ‘The poetry of Americas’ at Washington and Lee University in the United States of America, as well as in a high-security prison for documented, unaccompanied youth.

Shobhana  kumar-27 Shobhana Kumar (India)  has two collections of verse by Writers Workshop, Kolkata, and six books of non-fiction, covering industrial histories, biographies, and corporate stories. She has a book of haibun forthcoming by Red River. She is Poetry Editor of Sonic Boom Journal and its imprint, Yavanika Press, and Sessions Coordinator, The Quarantine Train, founded by Arjun Rajendran. She works in the spaces of social work, corporate communications, and education.

soni28 Soni Somarajan( India)  is a poet, copywriter, editor, and content consultant. His poetry and writing have featured in Muse India, North East Review, Kitaab, Bangalore Review, New Indian Express, Marie Claire, and the Four Quarters Magazine. First Contact, his debut collection of poetry, is due in 2020.

Menna Elfin29 Menna Elfyn (Welsh) Is a poet, playwright, columnist, and editor, writing predominantly in Welsh. Elfyn has published more than thirty books of poetry children’s books and anthologies, she has also written eight plays for the stage, six radio plays for the BBC, and two plays and several documentaries for television. She co-edited The Bloodaxe Book of Modern Welsh poetry with John Rowlands, which won a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. She has won numerous prizes for her work, and a Literary Fellow at Swansea University.

kalpit30 Krishna Kalpit (India) is a poet/ writer/ translator. He has 7 poetry collections to his credit.”Hindnama- ek maha desh ki gatha” published in 2019 is an experimental poetry collection. He has been the coordinator and organizer of poetry and literary fests including ”Bharat Bharati Kavita Yatra”,. He has produced a documentary called “Ek ped ki kahani”” Has any one seen my India”,” Has anyone Seen raggedy clothed women, Wandering on the footpath of this continent, searching for her own India As if searching for her own son!”

M._B._Manoj31 MB Manoj (India) Notable Dalit writer in Malayalam Language and Literature. He is focused on the other main area is postmodern-contemporary Malayalam poetry. Published six books about studies of contemporary Malayalam poetry. He made the Ambedrkarite-Adhivasi-Dalit-Bahujan Cultural thought in India.

32 Tenzin Tsundue (Tibet
 )is a poet, writer, and Tibetan activist. He has published four books to date which have been translated into several languages: He won the Outlook-Picador Award for Non-Fiction in 2001. His writings have also appeared on a regular basis in the Indian media and in international publications. He is a poet, who has used poetry in place of the weapon for the freedom of his country and shows the word power.

k satchidanandan33 K. Satchidanandan (India) Is one of India’s most renowned bilingual poets. His work has been translated into 19 translations and he has 31 books in translations alone. He translates his own work, has 24 books of poetry, 4 books of travel, a full-length play, a collection of one-act plays, and 5 books on English literature. He has been conferred with numerous prestigious awards including the Sahitya Akademi Award. He has held numerous positions in Academia and institutions for the arts.

helge34 Helge Torvund( Norwey) is a Norwegian poet, essayist, literary critic, and children’s writer and psychologist. In 1989, he won the Nynorsk Literature Prize and in 2016 was the recipient of the Herman Wildenvey Poetry Award. He has published over two dozen collections of poetry, along with children’s books, essays, and translations. Torvund deals with the intimate: landscape as it relates to the individual, relationships of family members and friends, small things in a wide world. His tone ranges from the idyllic and magical through the down to earth and dystopic, always sensuous, often surprising.

yolanda35 Yolanda Castano (Spain )began writing poetry when she was just 7 years old. She is a literary critic, poet, and cultural activist from Spain and has devoted her writing life to the first Galician, which she then translates into Spanish. She is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for her six collections of verse. Her work has appeared in bilingual editions of Galician-Spanish and translated into numerous languages. She has curated a host of cultural and literary events, writes for prestigious journals and has worked in Television for several years. She has also published five poetry books for children.

sujatha36 Anna Sujatha Mathai (India) holds a distinguished space in poetry. She has 5 books of her work has won critical acclaim in India and abroad. Her book ”Life – on my side of the Street and other Poems” was selected in the golden jubilee year of the Sahitya Akademi to showcase and anthologize Indian poetry in English by women writers. Her work has been widely translated in India and around the world. In 2018, she was conferred the inaugural Kamala Das Poetry Award by Women Empowered India.

oskar37 Oscar Saavedra Villarroel (Chile) is a poet, teacher, and video-poet. His poetry has been included in many anthologies, he has received grants from the Pablo Neruda Foundation (2005) and from the Chilean National Council on Arts and Culture (2017) for his forthcoming book Montparnasse Ia Victoria. He has won several awards, including the Gabriela Mistral Floral Games in 2008. He is the Coordinator of the Latin American gathering Poetic Decentralization and directs the Andesgraund publishing house and its poetry schools and the Festival Internacional de Poesia Chile.CL

Barkat38 Barjan Baloch(Barkat Hoth)  (Balochistan) is a poet/singer from Balochistan. The Hoth family are descendants of Prince Punnhun Hoth famously known from the eternal love story “Sassui Punnhun”. He is popularly known by his pen name “Barjan Baloch”. He has 2 published poetry (shayari and gazal) collections to his credit, namely “Bekaraar Jazbe” and “Aasuon ka ek katra, ek mutti khaak”. He has also penned a few films in the Balochi language.

siddheswar39 Siddheshwar Singh (India) is  poet/writer/blogger/translator/professor from Uttrakhand. He has done extensive work on ‘Tharu’, a folk language of Uttarakhand. He has published a poetry collection”Karma Naasha” and has translated many international poets’ works such as Anna Akhmatova, Nizar Qabbani, Billy Collins,Halina Poswiatowska,Vera Pavlova, Orhan Veli, etc.

40 Suman Pokhrel( Nepal)
is a poet, writer, and translator. He was awarded the SAARC Literary Award in 2013 and 2015, and his work has appeared in notable journals worldwide. Suman Pokhrel is also a lyricist, playwright, and artist. His poems have been translated into many international languages. His poetry is included in the syllabus of Language and Literature Studies at Tribhuvan University and Purwanchal University in Nepal.

devanshi41 Devanshi Khetarpal (India )She is from Bhopal, India. She studies Comparative Literature at New York University. She is the Editor-in-chief of Inklette Magazine, a Translations Coordinator for The Quarantine Train, and the host of Ferrante Fever: An Elena Ferrante Reading Group. Her poems have been published or are forthcoming in The Bombay Literary Magazine, Diacritics, Vayavya, Aainanagar, and Transom. Her poetry collection. ‘Small Talk’ was published by Writers Workshop in 2019.

Shelli Bhoil42 Shelly Bhoil (Brazil) is an Indian scholar and poet, living Brazil. Her publications include An Ember from her Pyre (Writers Workshop, India, 2016), (co-editor) Tibetan Subjectivities on the Global Stage (Lexington Books, US, 2018), Preposicao de entendimento (Urutau, Brazil, forthcoming), and (editor) New Narratives of Exile Tibet (Lexington Books, forthcoming).

meera43 Meera Nair( India )

Meera Nair dons many hats including those of poet, actor, dancer, writer, and media person.

arya gopi

44 Arya Gopi (India) Is a bilingual poet hailing from Kozhikode, She writes in both Malayalam and English. She has received several honours including Kakkad Award for Poetry, Cherusseri Purskaram Kalalaya Ankanam Award for Poetry, Vyloppilly Award, and Government of Kerala Youth Icon Award. She is currently a professor of Kozhikode Guruvayoorappan College.

Gerry45 Gerry Loose ( Scotland) is a poet and activist against war and nuclear weapons. His works concerns environmental issues as well as geopolitics, he is translated into many languages, and among his awards are Kone Foundation Award, Society of Authors Award, and a Creative Scotland Award. He lives on a small Scottish island. His latest book is “The Great Book of the Woods”.

Vincenzo Mascolo46 Vincenzo Mascolo (Italy) is a poet, curator, and lawyer. His poems have been published in anthologies and magazines. Ha has two poetry collections to his credit. He is the curator of the annual event Portraits of poetry (Ritratti di Poesia), an event promoted by the Rome Foundation, which has been taking place in Rome since 2006 at the Temple of Hadrian in Piazza di Pietra, which is a most popular and important cultural event.

priya47 Priya Sarukkai Chabria (India))Poet/novelist/author of “Not Springtime Yet” and “Andal The Autobiography of a Goddess”, editor of Poetry a at Sangam. Chabria received a Senior Fellowship to “Outstanding Artists for Literature” from the Government of India for exploring the validity of the classical rasa theory of aesthetics in contemporary writing in English. She along with Ravi Shankar translated the songs of 8th century Tamil poet Aandaal in her book Andal.

Jidi48 Jidi Majia (China A Yi Chinese)one of the most representative poets in contemporary Chinese literature, vice-chairman of China Writers Association, has many works in his credit. He achieved many national and international awards and organizer of many cultural poetic events in his own country.

49 Mamangmamang Dai( India) is a poet and novelist from Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh, A former journalist, Dai has written extensively on culture, politics, and customs of the state. A Padma Shri awardee (2011), she received the Sahitya Akademi Award, 2017, for her book The Black Hill, in English. Dai lives in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

nabina50 Nabina Das ( India) is author of five books—poetry collections Sanskarnama, Into the Migrant City, and Blue Vessel; short fiction volume titled The House of Twining Roses, and Footprints in the Bajra, a novel. She’s a Charles Wallace, Sangam House, and Sahapedia-UNESCO fellow. Published widely, Nabina is a NYS Summer Writers Conference alumna, a Commonwealth Writers correspondent, a journalist by training, and a Creative Writing teacher in university classrooms and workshops.

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