Kritya @Young

The pulse of life throbs in the ignited minds of  Youth. The tainted old windows of the convention are thrown open by them to let in the vibrant breeze of change. Their perspective of looking at the world is, thus poles apart from the grey world.

They are born into a  world aided by technology at every step. On the other hand, the aesthetic sense of the old world has diminished inversely. Yet, the Youth are not to be blamed. We have failed in preserving the inheritance of Earth that belonged to the Youth.  War, displacement, human rights violations, and increasing crimes against women and children have scarred the world.

However, the undaunted spirit of Youth shines through every misery and burden. Their resolve and cheerleads way to evolve avenues to harmonize art with joy.  Such an art form that has evolved in recent times is open word poetry which transcends all cultural barriers.

Poetry has nothing to give in return but love and contentment of the soul. Therefore a young generation that writes poetry assures us that the world will be all right.

Kritya offers a dynamic platform to the Young Poetry.

Kritya shall extend the stage to chosen young artists/poets for hosting two open word poetry sessions every month from different languages across the World through its initiative Kritya@ Young.


Poetic leaders

We  have young poets from different languages groups, they will organize poetry readings with other young poets of their language twice a month.

Adil Madathil (Malayalam) is a poet and translator hailing from Malappuram, Kerala. Published poetry in various Malayalam magazines and webzines, also included in Indian Literature, Kerala Kavitha, and Thilanila. 
His first collection of poetry ‘Valiya Palli Road’ is published in 2020. His poems are translated into Tamil and English.
Address : Adil Madathil, Noor Mahal ( h)P.C Colony Edavanna (p.o)Malappuram dt.Pin – 676541 Mobile – 8848771414 Email –



Ashraf Nehal ( Urdu &English) is a graduate of English Literature from the University of Delhi and has been penning down his poetry ever since he was 11. He writes in English, Hindi, and Urdu and believes that poetry is not confined to geographical and linguistic barriers, rather it is in itself a global community.




Nikhilesh Mishra (b. 1996) has completed his Post-Graduation in English from JNU, New Delhi and is currently a student of the Direction & Screenplay Writing Department at the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata. His poetry collections include the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar shortlisted ‘Kehi Jane Kejani Kouthi’ (2018), ‘Kabitie Marigala Pare’ (2021) in Odia and ‘Someone Somewhere’ (2020) in English. He regularly translates and also writes for and makes films.