Our Advisors


K. Satchidanandan (India) Is one of India’s most renowned bilingual poets. His work has been translated into 19 translations and he has 31 books in translations alone. He translates his own work, has 24 books of poetry, 4 books of travel, a full-length play, a collection of one-act plays, and 5 books on English literature. He has been conferred with numerous prestigious awards including the Sahitya Akademi Award. He has held numerous positions in Academia and institutions for the arts.

Ko Un has long been ‘a living legend,’ ‘a phenomenon,’ and ‘a national treasure’ in Korea, both as a poet and as a person. Allen Ginsberg once wrote, “Ko Un is a magnificent poet, combination of Buddhist cognoscente, passionate political liberation, and naturalist historian.”Ko Un is widely acknowledged to be Korea’s foremost contemporary poet with an immense literary achievement of 160 books, out of which more than 70 are poetry books including 30-volume Maninbo (Ten Thousand Lives).Ko Un manifested an immense diversity; epigrams of a couple of lines, long discursive poems; epic; pastoral; and even a genre of poems he has himself created, which is termed popular-historical poem.Ko Un is often called Ko Uns instead of Ko Un by literary critics because of his incredible active volcano of productivity. “He writes poetry as he breathes,’ a literary critic once said, “Perhaps he breathes his poems before putting them to paper. I can imagine that his poems spring forth from his enchanting breath rather than from his pen.”He has received dozens of prestigious literary awards and honours at home and abroad, and more than 80 volumes of translations of his work have been published in about 35 foreign languages, Oriental and Western.For detailed information, see www.koun.co.kr.

Subodh Sarkar India Is a noted Indian poet, editor, translator. Sahitya Acadamy Award Winner, with 35 books in his credit. He was Fulbright Fellow. Currently he is the President of West Bengal Kobita Academy.



Azam Abidov (Uzbekistan)  a poet, translator, and short story writer. He has trained in philology. He has several books of poetry and translation to his credit. Literary scholars and readers have acclaimed his English Translations from Eminent voices of Uzbek poetry.


Kamal Vora (India) is an electrical engineer and management graduate by qualification. He has published three collections of poems titled Arav (1991), AnekEk (2012) and Vrudhdhshatak (2015) and two more are due for publication. All the three books have received prestigious awards including AnekEk receiving the prestigious Sahitya Akademi, Delhi award for the year 2016. His poems have been translated into English and other Indian and foreign languages and have appeared in many valued journals. He has also translated poems of other languages into Gujarati.



Amadé Esperer ( Germany ) is a cardiologist and a multi-award-winning, multilingual author, translator and editor. He studied languages, linguistics, philosophy and human medicine. He was a researcher at Harvard University-MIT (USA) and currently lives in Germany. In 2018, he established the “Würzburg Amichai Reading” dedicated to the Hebrew poet Yehuda Amichai, which is being held annually under his direction. In 2019, he founded the multilingual literary journal ARIEL and the e_zine ARIEL-ART (www.ariel-art.com, www.instagram.com/arielart2020/). In 2021, he was elected member of the oldest German poets’ association “Pegnesischer Blumenorden”. Since 2018 he has been Secretary General of the “Società Dante Alighieri Comitato Würzburg”. Esperer has published several volumes of poetry and flash fiction.


Savithri Rajeevan (India) is a poet and short story writer from Kerala. She received the Kerala Sahitya Academy Award for her widely anthologized poem Ammaye Kulippikkumbol (2018). Savithri has received the Kamala Surayya Award (2010), The H.R.D.Fellowship (1995), Udaya Bharti National Award for Poetry (1994), and the Kunjupilla Smaraka Award (1991), served as the Vice-Chairperson of Lalitha Kala Academy, Kerala (2006-2010). Her works have been anthologized in different international languages.


Ashraf Aboul-Yazid (Egypt) Is an Egyptian poet, novelist, and journalist. He is the President of the AJA (Asia Journalist Association).  Ashraf Dali won the Manhae Prize in Literature 2014, his literary works are translated into international languages. He has published his travels to more than 33 countries in Al-Arabi magazine.


Hannie Rouweler (Netherlands)poet and translator, published over 40 collections of poetry, including translations in various European languages. Poems have been translated in about 35 languages. She mixes observations from reality with imagination and gives a point to her feelings and findings.



Alberto López Serrano- Mathematics. Member of the Alkimia Cultural Foundation, coordinator of the Project Wednesday of Poetry since January 2008. Manager of The writer’s House-Salarrue Museum of the Ministry of Culture of El Salvador. Director of the International Poetry Festival ‘Amada Libertad’ and of the Poetry Festival of San Salvador Member of THT.


Kedar Mishra (India) is a poet and an accomplished art critic.. Mr. Mishra is a bold creative person and acutely aware of the deep relationship between contemporary politics, ideology and public space. He contributes to a regular column to newspaper Sanchar. Mr. Mishra has received several awards including the Odisha Youth Inspiration Award from Odisha Diary. Kedar Misra is a poet, freelance writer, editor, translator and art critic. He is the author of several collections of poetry, prose and essays and has edited Sachitra Vijaya, a leading Odia daily. Mishra is a bold creative person and acutely aware of the deep relationship between contemporary politics, ideology and public space. Kedar Misra received Sanskruti Mitra Samman 2012, Utakla Sahitya Samaj Youth Writer Award 2014 and other literary awards.

Dr. Prithviraj Taur (India) has been working as an Associated Professor of Marathi at Swami Ramananda Teertha Marathwada University in Nanded for the last 18 years. He is known as a Marathi poet, translator, editor, storyteller and ideological writer, critic. Dr. Prithviraj Taur has published a total of two dozen books and ‘Kavitanjali’ is an important translation of contemporary Indian poetry. Apart from ‘Sahityakaran’ is a review book, ‘Gaav aani shaharachya madhomadh’ is a collection of poems, ‘Lihayachi Rahileli Paane’ is a collection of short stories and ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is a collection of ideological writings. Dr. Taur is currently involved in a project to translate Indian women’s poetry into Marathi. His books have won the Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad’s Suhasini Irlekar Award, Apte Vachan Mandir, and Sahitya Sammelan Smriti Trust Ichalkaranji’s Children’s Literature Award, Christian Sahitya Prasarak Pune’s Reverend Na. Wa. Tilak Award and many other prestigious awards.

   Sh. Prashant Dattatraya Ken (India) has published a Collection of Poems ‘Gulmoharach Kuku’ Chaprak Prakashan, Pune 2021. He has received the Gadima Award, Pune(2021), Kabir Sanman, Shabdvel, Mumbai(2021),  Manik Mahotsav award, Sahitya Mala Pune(2021), Shabdkala award, Mangalvedha (2021), and many other awards. He is also been a lyricist for Marathi film ‘Dhondi’ directed by Monish Pawar and has upcoming lyric-writing projects as well.



Prof. Vidya Surve (India) is an Assistant Professor of Marathi. She has a vast background in research and literary writings in Marathi and is well-published in several reputed journals, magazines, newspapers and portals. She has also translated the poetry of German poet &  playwright Bertolt Brecht from English and Hindi to Marathi. Her area of specialization for her Ph.D was Marathi Nav Kadambaricha Chikitsak Abhyas