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1- We acknowledge the support of Raza Foundation for supporting kritya festival 

Raza Foundation is an arts and culture organization under the guidance of Mr. SH Raza who sets an example where fame and glory are not lonesome attainments but things to be liberally shared with the broader creative community. The Foundation has been instrumental in creating spaces for various art and culture programs, publications and fellowships to the younger talent and also carrying a deeper research into the work of the masters.


2- Bharat Bhavan is supporting us in organizing the festival, in publicity and media support. 
Bhaat bhavan


Bharat Bhavan is a cultural institution under the department of Culture,with the objective of creating a cultural Synthesis among the people of India.


3- Our hospitality partner is the  " The Central Residency"
hospitality partner
The Central Residency
Model School Junction | Manorama Road | Thiruvananthapuram - 695014| Kerala | India
 Goodwill Partner
Synergy International
Synergy International






4- Travel support to the poets-
The Dutch Foundation For literature will support the travel of Poet Frank Keizer



Grant support to Doris Kareva
  BI logo
by supporting Mark Delouse


for supporting Sian Melangell Dafydd

For supporting poet -Sian Melangell Dafydd


Flanders Literature Logo
supporting Philip Meersman’s travel grant
supporting travel of three Indian poets

EMB INDIA + CE_EN-01 Logo Cervantes 1 

for supporting Yolanda Castaño

For supporting heike.fiedler