Our vision

Poetry is a17887383_10210925820440292_1464628903_o compelling medium to disseminate valuable ideals, discuss social issues and effectively paint the world around us in all its beauty, ugliness and complexities. Poetry is the elixir that heals the deep-lying wounds of the mind. Poetry is the single most powerful medium to spread the message of peace in this strife-torn world. With its wonderful capability of speaking volumes through few but powerful expressions, there is no better tool of communication than poetry.
Just as the m17902671_10210926017845227_1235974308_oost beautiful flowers bloom in the sludge and swamp, the most beautiful and artistic minds may lie confined in places where often the brilliant rays of poetry fail to reach. We hope to take poetry to them. Then again, going out to the community will enable us to make the spirit of poetry accessible to people who may not otherwise even remotely consider reading poems. Yes, poetry must    make bigger its arms to people in hospitals, old age homes, prisons and   detention centers, and juvenile homes among others. Poetry must make its way unwavering to various community events such as book fairs, exhibitions, sales and so on, and make its footstep heard. Kritya intends to keep this spirit alive and reach out to people through poetry readings and performances, providing them with a unique experience of appreciating poetry. Then there are remote villages and rural locations that are waiting to17902138_10210931219295260_304546070_o take in fresh wisps of poetry, holding their breath in anticipation of lyrics and music that may come their way. Kritya is now going to these places to imbibe new experiences, to be one with the folks living those experiences.