Our Vision

I-Constitution of the Organization

  1. Kritya, the Trust
  2. Objective

III- How Kritya operates

IV Kritya Festivals

  1. Kritya, the Trust

Trust Registration No. 23/2007/IV, Trivandrum, Kerala- Kritya is a Trust established to widen the scope and reach of global literature, arts and culture. It seeks to be accessible through translation, publication, performance, interaction and exchange of literary ideas among various languages and cultures. Kritya was formally registered as a trust in January 2007.

  1. Objective

* Promote the aesthetic experience through poetry and the allied art forms.

* Provide a common forum for poetry-lovers all over the world to come together, show case their talent and exchange views.

* Allow free expression through poetry and the allied arts regardless of class, creed, colour or country.

* Encourage new talent without compromising on quality.

* Create an awareness of the past masters with due tributes.

* Establish and strengthen a fraternity of peace and mutual understanding through the medium of poetry.

III- How Kritya operates

  •  Kritya, the bilingual web journal is issued monthly in Hindi & English.
  • Kritya publish two web journals every month dedicated to world poetry in two languages web Journals-(ISSN 0976-514X)and (ISSN 0976-5158)
  • Kritya touches on five main points in arts.
  • It provides for a selection of the best that is available in terms of contemporary world poetry and regional poetry.
  • The section – Our Masters – acknowledges the contribution of the great poets of the past.
  • A third section, the editor’s choice explains Kritya’s position on poetry. It denotes the taste of Kritya.
  • It also involve a critical, incisive and enlightening commentaries.
  • The section – my voice – is the editorial. Thus – an issue could take a ride from the past to the present, from prose to poetry.
  • Poetry exists not only in words; pictures also talk like poetry, so paintings and visuals are an important part of Kritya.

 Poetry Readings-Kritya has been organizing poetry readings every month from year 2005 to 2010. Of late, the poetry readings are not very regular, but they are continue on special occasion like Pablo Nedura day etc.

Translation– Kritya gives importance to translation work from one language to another. The kritya journal publishes the poetry of different national and international languages translated in to Hindi or English. More over at the time of the festival, kritya makes translation of poetry in to English and Hindi and also in the languages of the region, where the festival is conducted.

* Kritya organizes one Poetry Festival each year in a different part of India with the support of a local host. The nomadic nature of the Festival allows it to introduce different languages, literature and culture to poets and artists from around the world, and to build a bridge between Indian cultures and those of the world.

* Kritya attempts to interact between all art forms and establish a place for poetry in each of these art forms.

* Kritya is always in search of poetry and other art forms that reflect the diverse cultures of India, emphasizing on the importance of art in life bringing to them the message of how art is “lived “abroad.

* Kritya gives importance to all Indian and world languages, nevertheless, the basis for communication is English/ Hindi.

* Kritya has always worked in tandem with the support from local organizations and other organizations.