Our Vision

Kritya is born from deep sense of commitment to Poetry. Rooted in the value system of freedom of expression through poetry and allied arts, Kritya has been instrumental in bringing together World Poetry since 2005. Our vision is to empower poetic expressions universally regardless of colour, class, race or geographic boundaries.

In this journey Kritya stays dedicated in its Vision towards:

  • Promote the aesthetic experience through poetry and the allied art forms. Kritya is always in search of poetry and other art forms that reflect the diverse cultures of India, emphasizing on the importance of art in life bringing to them the message of how art is “lived “abroad.From 2005 onwards , Kritya is organising  poetry readings along with paintings, theatre, poetry films, and Tribal or folk culture.
  • Poetry as therapy, by  organizing poetry readings in Prisons, hospitals, old age homes , schools , colleges, villages and on Sea Beaches also. ( We have organised many such readings in 2015 and 2017 Kritya poetry festivals)
  • In pandemic times with ,we organized poetry readings and 75 kritya talks  on virtual media , in regular intervals to serve as cultural exchange platforms for participating poets from Indian and World Languages, as a part of poetry therapy.
  • Open forum readings for public, to encourage new talent without compromising on quality.
  • Accord space for poetry translations from one language to another
  • Conduct annual Poetry Festivals where in the nomadic nature of festival allows it to introduce different languages, literature and culture to poets and artists from around the world
  • Build a bridge between diverse Indian Cultures and World Cultures
  • Work in tandem with regional organisations willing to extend voluntary support
  • Bilingual Poetry Journal online in Hindi & English. in original and translations. -(ISSN 0976-514X)and (ISSN 0976-5158). Kritya is proud to own and publishes two web-based journals in Hindi and English under the same name. Kritya’s standards are eclectic and the journals feature the best in regional and international contemporary poetry
  • Create an awareness of the past masters with due tributes.
  • Establish and strengthen a fraternity of peace and mutual understanding through the medium of poetry.