Poetry @ Pandemic

When the World sank into unprecedented depths of fear, darkness and grief during the pandemic, Kritya came forward with the lamp of hope and resilience through Poetry. A contagious epidemic that raged faster than wildfire, Covid -19 forced human beings to retreat into their shells as never witnessed before. This was not World War 1 or World War II  or migrations where human beings could seek refuge and consolation in each other’s embrace. 

Each one of us had to fight the grief and fear individually. We could not travel, we could not step out of our homes, we could not hug or kiss our loved ones. Many had to reconcile to loss of loved one without even being able to say a last good bye or hug. Eventually fear and hopelessness gnawed into our reserves of courage till we could take it no more.

Kritya stepped forward to say that all was not lost. Earth had to survive, Trees had to grow, Breeze had to find its way through Forest and River to the Ocean.Human Beings had to pause and listen to that inner voice of God ….. the voice of Poetry to heal themselves and face the world with new courage, learn to hold each other’s hand through technology innovations and bide time till we could overcome the enemy.

Two International Poetry Festivals held with the dedicated and selfless efforts of Kritya brought together the rainbow colours and languages of Earth once again to heal the wounds of a deeply hurt world. We rediscovered Our Voices, Our Thoughts, Our Creativity and Our Togetherness.

Kritya has made a solemn vow to  the humanity…..  to be the beacon of hope and angel of Poetry….. to hold the hands of humanity to tide over these dark days.