kritya International Poetry Festival 2017


10.30 am -InaugurationShri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala
Welcome - Rati Saxena (Festival Director, Kritya International Poetry Festival)
Presidential Address – Shri Ashok Vajpeyi, Poet, Writer and Managing Trustee, Raza Foundation
Inaugural Speech – Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala
Felicitation –Mr. Ataol Behramoglu, Poet and Writer (Turkey)
         Mr.Doris Kareva, Poet and Writer ( Estonia)
         Mr.Bas Kwakman-Director-Poetry International              Rotterdam (Netherlands)         
         Sri Prabha Varma– Indian- Malayalam Poet, Lyricist.
Vote of thanks –Sri Pramod Payyanur, Member Secretary of Bharath Bhavan
(presenting- Babitha Justin & Meera Nair)


Session Two 
Tribute to Poet ONV KURUP 
12.30 pm to 1.00 pm
Well-known Poet & Social Worker, Padma Sri 
Smt. Sugatha Kumari will pay her tribute to Padma Vibhushan ONV Kurup
(27 May 1931 – 13 February 2016) 
A renowned Malayalam poet and lyricist from Kerala, who won the Jnanpith Award, the highest literary award in India in the year 2007. He was also bestowed with Padma Vibhushan and Padma Shri in 2011 & 1998, the fourth and second highest civilian honours from the Government of India. 
Poetry in Painting 
Live painting by BD Dethan -An Eminent Artist and Painter.
ONV’s Poetry will be read by International poets in Estonian, German, Dutch, Spanish and Russian along with Malayalam.
 A Carnival of Poetry, Performance
Session three-A
 Venue No-1 – Bharath Bhavan 
 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm,
 Sugatha Kumari- Malayalam (India)
Ashok Vajpeyi – Hindi-India
Ataol Behramoglu-Turkey
Doris Kareva -Estonian
Frank Keizer - Netherlands
Prabha Varma –Malayalam -India
Neela Padmanabhan- Tamil -India
Enrique Alberto Servín Herrera- Mexico
Kamal Vora – Gujarat- India
Sreekumaran Thampi- Malayalam-India

Presanting- Babitha Justin & Meera Nair

 C-Parallel session- Three (B)

 Venue -3 ,SN College Chempazhanthy, Trivandrum

Yolanda Castaño-Spain
Gihan Omar-Egypt
Jayant Parmar- Urdu
Selahattin Yolgiden - Turkey
Lina Ekdahl- Sweden
Sarabjeet Garcha - Punjab,India

Presenting- Pooja Sagar

Venue- 4 – University College

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Gökçenur Ç- Turkey 
Hugo Servando Sánchez - Mexico
Philip Meersman- Belgium
Siân Melangell Dafydd- Welsh
Anitha Thampi - Malayalam
Hemant Divate -Marathi –India
Kaukis Christos -Greece

Presenting-Aishwarya Nair
Session- Four - Poetry for freedom of soul Venue, Central Prison 
4.30 pm to 5.30 pm
Prabha Varma-Malayalam
Ashok Vajpeyi-Hindi
Madhusudhan Nair-Malayalam
Ataol Behramoglu-Turkey
Doris Kareva-Etonia 
Session- Five
7.30 To 7.30 pm
Chief Guest -Shri. G. Sudhakaran-Minister for Public Works and Registration
Poetry films screening –Introduction by Pramod Payyanur
Presentation-Rati Saxena
1. “And Yet the Books -Poet- Czesław Miłosz, "- Rachel Visser
2. The Leash- Directed by Rachel Visser- Poet- Ada Limón.
3. P. Sipilä -I Have To Change- Directed by J.P. Sipilä
4. Of_the_forest (sleight of tree)-directed by J.P. Sipilä
5. The Future is Here - written by Bianca Stone, filmed and directed/produced by Helen Dewbery.
6. Uffington Triology - written by Martin Malone, filmed and directed/produced by Helen Dewbery.
7. Pearls - written by Chaucer Cameron, and directed/produced by Chaucer Cameron.
Presenting- Pooja Sagar
Nov. 10, 2017
Session One
10.00 am to 12.00 Noon- Flight of Fancy- at colleges
Mar Ivanios College, Trivandrum, Kerala
His Grace Most Reverend Dr.Samuel Mar Irenios Auxillary Bishop of Syro Malankara Catholic Major Arch Diocese of Trivandrum 
Welcome By Rev.Dr.Gigi Thomas, Principal Mar Ivanios College
Poet- Participants
Bas Kwakman
Ataol Behramoðlu -Turkey
Doris Kareva -Estonia
Yolanda Castaño - Spain
Lina Ekdahl- Sweden
Frank Keizer - Netherlands
Jayant Parmar –Urdu, India
Heike Fiedler- Germany, Sweden
Gökçenur Ç - Turkey
Philip Meersman- Belgium
Selahattin Yolgiden - Turkey
Enrique Alberto Servín Herrera- Mexico
Gihan Omar- Egypt 
Kamal Vora - Gujarati- India
Sarabjeet Garcha –Punjabi-India
Hemant Divate – Marathi- India
Hugo Servando Sánchez - Mexico
Christos Koukis - Greece

Presentation - Anupama Ghildyal
Poetry Reading at State Central Library Trivandrum
3.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Lina Ekdahl 
Anwar Ali-Malayalam- India
Nomkhubul wane – S. Africa
Ataol Behramoðlu -Turkey
Frank Keizer -Netherlands 
Ra Sh (Ravi Shanker N)-English, Kerala
Doris Kareva -Estonia
Gihan Omar-Egypt 
Gökçenur Ç -Turkey
Philip Meersman- Belgium
Savithri Rajjivan-Malayalam , India
Yolanda Castaño - Spanish
Presentation- Pooja Sagar

Venue- Bharath Bhavan
6.00 pm to 7.00 pm 
Meera Nair 
Shyam Sundar
Gopikrishnan Kottoor
Abhilash Babu 
Babitha Marina Justin 
Pooja Sagar 
Chandramohan S
Sarala Ramkamal
Indira Sadanandan 
K Sudarshan
Presenting -Rashi
Poetry performance 
Heike Fiedler
Presenting -Aishwarya Nair
Session -one
Poetic offering to our masters
 A visit and Birthplace of Great Malayalam Poet 
Maha kavi Kumaran Asan Smarakam
Kayikkara, Thiruvananthapuram
 Kumaran Ashan (12 April 1873 – 16 January 1924), was one of the triumvirate poets of Kerala, South India. He was also a philosopher, a social reformer and a disciple of Sree Narayana Guru. He initiated a revolution in Malayalam poetry in the first quarter the 20th century, transforming it from the metaphysical to the lyrical. 
Poets will offer poetic salute to the great poet at the birthplace of the great poet.
Bas Kwakman, Ataol Behramoðlu, Doris Kareva and others, Nomkhubul Wane and others
Gihan Omar 
Enrique Alberto Servín
Yu Jian
Frank Keizer 
Hugo Servando Sánchez 
Selahattin Yolgiden
Jayant Parmar 
Enrique Alberto Servín
Sarabjeet Garcha
Christos Koukis 
Hemant Divate
Sumesh Krishnan
Udaya Kala 
Presenting Sarala Ramkamal
Poetry therapy
 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Meeting the children of Shelter Home
Sai Gramam
Valedictory Function
 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm
Venue- Bharath Bhavan
Welcome- Sri Pramod Payyanur, Member Secretary of Bharath Bhavan
Inauguration and chief guest- Sri A. K Balan, Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes, Law, Culture and Parliamentary Affairs
Felicitation- Madhusudan Nair-Poet- India
 Yolanda Castaño -Poet- Spain
Report of the festival-Rati Saxena- Poet- India
Vote of thanks – Savithri Rajeevan, Trustee, kritya
Presanting- Aishwarya Nair

Extension programs –

Before the main Festival-8.11.17

The Poetic Rendezvous and performance 
Marc Delouze 
Marc Delouze was born in Paris is a poet, writer and traveler. He published 20 books. he is translated into 20 languages.
He is a great performer. 
Extension Kritya Festival- After Main Festival
Venue –one
Maha kavi Kumaran Asan Smarakam, 
Kayikkara, Thiruvananthapuram