Singing with the Waves

Sun takes moon along

my veins, sun is ready to say

goodbye, moon knocks on the door.

My heart lurches across

the distance towards you. Passion of sea

is coming through my nose, but no

we don’t need snow to have a white Christmas.

Stuck between sun and moon, I am

waiting for the water.




Sea invites me more

than anybody, sunset will last

forever. Trees, sand, moon will also last forever

but we

will not be. Dreams

of seas start travelling

to mountains. We are playing

in the sand just nearby our room. Inside

the mountain, there are molten promises. You

can find small sea inside

the shell. You can also find

your own soul, as I look into my shadow

rippling through bubbles. When

bubbles break down, we will

be no more.

Rose petal on the sea, my offering

to you. It will shine

in the darkness

of our poems.