First of all let me introduce my self.

I am Kritya.
Kritya – the intense word power.
Kritya – which always moves along with the ultimate truth.
Kritya – which exists completely in accord with rightness.

I reside in the hearts of people who raise their voice in protest against all lies, all wrong doings and all injustice. I appear before them in myriad forms, one of the most powerful media being poetry.

Poetry – which was the noblest form of expression from time immemorial.
Poetry – which today stands marginalized.
Poetry – which flies on the wings of dreams.
Poetry – which in the height of insanity walks bare footed on hard reality.
Poetry – which is the voice of revolution.
Poetry – which teaches us to love, to stand face to face with real life, to give up one’s existence for sake of the life.
Poetry – which synchronises observations with pure emotions, which links the eyes to the heart.