we started journey of kritya with the motto-  Ekala chalo re, let us go alone,

so many joined us, and so many left us . They may have their own interest, but kritya had only one aim, that is poetry…
Some times kritya got a fistful financial support, and some time, its bag was almost empty.  I filled it time to time with my salary, or the Translation money etc.

Kritya never gone to private parties. except a few friends who them self came forward with help like Sitesh Das in two festivals,

Kritya got a quite physical support like for editing, translation, etc. Translations was the area, kritya is grateful to translating poets, as it is an important work of kritya.
kritya could never pay them in cash, but always appreciate their kindness.

Some treated kritya like a goose, which can hatch golden eggs, and they try to destroy it  …. some how, kritya it self is a power..

some left it as it was useless for them,, still kritya thanks them for the few steps they walked with us.

kritya is for the poetry, poetry is for the humankind, and humankind important for this earth and universe…

let kritya go ahead,, with me or without me…