KRITYA International Poetry Festival 2017 is the 11th such festival organized by KRITYA Literary Trust. In 2017 we are collaborating with RAZA Foundation, New Delhi and Bharat Bhavan, Trivandrum.

The theme for 11th KRITYA Poetry Festival will be “Poetry against racism and xenophobia”. This is a highly relevant theme in today’s world, as hatred and crimes against minorities of all kind based on their faith, race, gender, languages; cultural traits have maligned the life on earth as never before.

As Bertrand Russell said-

Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd.”

Diversity is an important aspect of human existence. Most of the big countries of the world are good example of diversity. In India, there is a famous saying that language and food changes every 100 miles. This could be true for other parts of the world as well. But the lack of new knowledge, exposure to new places, new languages, and food habits, or living style, make people afraid of others, who appear different. Actually ignorance takes people to worship one’s own self in the name of nation-hood. Such situations give rise to terrorism, war and self-consuming hatred. Poetry is above the boundaries of language, colour and creed. Upcoming KRITYA festival highlights poetic voices from different parts of the world, having similarity in their thought despite the diversities in cultures

As we invite around twenty international poets with great stature (participating through the grants given by the ministry of culture of their respective governments) and twenty poets from within the country, KRITYA will be taking them to schools and colleges, to organized poetry meets, We will also take poetry to Hospitals, Prison, Old Age Homes and Orphanages with due permissions and sponsorship from authorities and enlighten the imagination of the audience with peep into world outside. We will use translations of the works in local languages to communicate with local community. We will also organize poetry painting exhibitions, and poetry film presentations in different views. Thus KRITYA would try to connect people to poetry and to its emotive aspects.