Dear Rati,

It was a wonderful experience for Ko Un to read his poems at your poetry festival. Thank you very much for inviting Ko Un to be part of your lovely poetry events. I have asked Orient Black Swan, the publishing house that has just published Conversations with Ko Un, to send you a copy of the book. It is a great pleasure for us to send you a copy as a present.
Please take care after having worked so much on such an important poetry festival. We hope that you will have a good rest and stay in good health.
With our warm regards,
Ko Un & Sang Wha, with palms joined

(Ko Un -(Eminent poet, thinker) –South Korea)

Dear Rati..good morning and thanks for your kind letter.
It is an honor for me to be with you in your marvelous fest.
The real and strong word tied us for the benefit of our people. It is poetry that units our consciousness. And spread the image of reality and creativity that leaves its impact on the reader despite the difference of the language.
I enjoyed listening to the poets and their sincere felling..
I am happy to see such a well-organized festival.
Regards to the organizers and the participants.
Hanan Awwad-(Eminent poet, President -International League for Peace and Freedom –Palestine)


Dear Rati, Congratulations on successfully finishing the poetry festival.
Thank you for inviting me to the wonderful poetry festival!
I was glad and honored to meet various poets around the world.
Thank you to the staff of the organizers as well.
And I respect you.
I send you a big hug!
Sung-rye Han, from Seoul, Korea
Dear Dr. Rati Saxena,

Thank you kindly for orchestrating such a passionate commitment to poetry from across the globe. Your work is touching the lives of many. I am humbled and honored to have been accepted within the festival. Thank you for your time, care, initiative, and encouragement. I hope that one day I may have the privilege of meeting you in person.
Gratefully yours,
Anesce Dreme

Dear Rati,
I would like to thank you for having invited me. It was a great honor and pleasure for me to participate in this amazing event. I am glad that you started this marvelous endeavor “Kritya International Poetry Festival”, which brings together both poets and listeners of all nations and regions. This festival has a tremendous importance and relevance, particularly in a time, when such a terrible viral pandemic is raging.
So, again, thank you very, very much!
I look very much forward to participating in further Kritya activities. By the way,I am mulling over the idea to invite you and the poets, who participated in the 2021 Kritya readings, to send me their bilingual poems (English +mother tongue) to publish them in ARIEL-ART. We could dedicate a complete ARIEL-ART issue to this. What do you think? You would be the guest editor of that issue.
With kindest regards, yours-

Hans D. Amadé Esperer- Syria


Rati, thank you for allowing me to be included in the festival. The presentations I saw were very moving and inspiring. Your festival is an honor to poetry. Please keep me in mind for the future.John Guzlowski-USA

Dear Rati

I thank you for your kind email. It was and always is an honor to be part of the prestigious Krita poetry festival.
The festival under your conduct runs so soft that the technical problems would not be felt.
I thank you and other teamworkers one more time.

Much Regards,
Mohsen K. Rahjerdi
Rati ji,

I get to understand why and how someone become legendary – because of their gentle and touching ways. Thank you for making me a part of Kritya team.
Lots of warm regards and love,Shelly


It is I who should be grateful for the magnificent opportunity to participate in such a prestigious poetry festival. Although it was telematic, it was very exciting for me and I relived the experience of 2013. I hope we meet again and I remain at your entire disposal, sister in poetry.
Greetings, Sergio Infante


–Thank you very much to Kritya Poetry Movement and to all organizers and those working on the technical side for putting together such a wonderful event. It was a pleasure and an honour to participate in it.

With best wishes, Nilambri


Dear Rati,Apologies for my late reply.I really appreciate the way you run this festival. I thank you for inviting me, it was a pleasure to participate and to meet the other amazing poets.How are you doing on a personal level?How do you manage with the CoronaVirus situation?It is you who and your festival that started my way in India, and the way continued to many beautiful directions… I owe you a big thank you for this. You opened the door, and I went in and saw many blessings in my way. Looking forward to participate also in your future festivals,With many warm regardsand wishes for your good health,

Diti Ronen-Israel


Dearest Rati
I felt so glad to participate in this live session of Kritya Festival. Your words touch me very much !My experience in 2013 at Kritya and you, Rati, have a very unique place in my universe. I’ll always be thankful for the memories of these moments.I was fine, the technique can always malfunction. I regretted that you couldn’t be part all time of the session, but it was great to have you at the opening and closing of the event and I knew that you were with us even if you were not visible.Thank you again for welcoming me in the adventure, and yes, I’d love so much to participate again in the future when borders reopen !
Warm regards,
Aurelia Lassaque- France