Kritya.. The Poetry Movement…

16 Jul

Kritya is a Trust established to widen the scope and reach of global literature, arts, and culture, thereby touching a larger audience of poetry connoisseurs. It seeks to be accessible through translation, publication, performance, interaction, and exchange of literary ideas among various languages and cultures on an online platform as well as in the form of poetry festivals held annually. Kritya was formally registered as a Trust in January 2007.

Kritya’s objective is to promote aesthetic experience through poetry and allied art forms. Poetry is a compelling medium to disseminate valuable ideals, discuss social issues, and effectively paint the world around us in all its beauty, ugliness, and complexities. Poetry is the elixir that heals the deep-lying wounds of the mind and is the single most powerful medium to spread the message of peace in this strife-torn world. With its wonderful capability of speaking volumes through few but powerful expressions, there is no better tool of communication than poetry. Thus, Kritya aims to achieve the same by providing a common forum for poetry-lovers all over the world to come together, showcase their talent, and exchange views.
Kritya believes in free expression through poetry and allied arts, regardless of class, creed, colour or country. It is always in pursuit of new talent, and being encouraging without compromising on quality.
Giving credit where credit is due, Kritya aims to create an awareness of the past masters with due tributes. Establishing and strengthening a fraternity of peace and mutual understanding through the medium of poetry is the pith of Kritya’s objective.

Activities of Kritya:
The main event organized by Kritya is the Poetry Festival, held annually in a different part of India, with the support of local hosts. Kritya has always worked in tandem with the support from local organizations, etc. It invites poets and artists from various parts of the world thus introducing them to the contemporary poets from India.
The nomadic nature of the Festival contributes to the intermingling of various languages, literature and culture, and exchanges of literary intellect between poets and artists from around the world, and helps to build a bridge between Indian cultures and those of the world.
Kritya is always in search of poetry and other art forms that reflect the diverse cultures of India, emphasizing on the importance of art in life, showcasing the message of how art is “lived” abroad.
Kritya gives importance to all the languages in India and around the world. Nevertheless, the basis for communication is English/ Hindi.
Kritya is proud to own and publishes two web-based journals in Hindi and English under the same name. Kritya’s standards are eclectic and the journals feature the best in regional and international contemporary poetry (ISSN 0976-514X)and (ISSN 0976-5158).
Kritya organizes regional poetry readings. It has been organized on a monthly basis from 2005 to 2010. As of now, poetry readings are not very regular. They are, however, held on special occasions like Pablo Nedura day, etc.
Kritya appreciates the importance of translation of a work from one language to another. The Kritya journal publishes poetry belonging to different national and international languages, that have been translated to Hindi or English. Apart from this, Kritya also bolsters translation of poetry from Hindi and English to regional languages, and shines a light on these works during the Poetry Festival, focusing on the languages of the region where the festival is conducted.

Kritya – The Trust Trust Registration No. 23/2007/IV, Trivandrum, Kerala