As I explained earlier, our basic idea was to go to people, to different languages and to the young poetic minds. As there was no poetry festival in India until 2005,  we decided to go to different language groups.  So After the first international poetry festival in Kerala in 2007, we went to Punjab in 2008, Then next year we have gone to Mysore, and then to Nagpur in 2011. The Nagpur experience was so bitter that I feel like coming back to Kerala, The 2012 festival was so good, but in spite of my all efforts, the college students were not sent to the festival by college teachers. So we decided to go to universities and colleges to interact with young minds. That is how in 2013, we   have gone to Wardha Antararashtriya University. I started feeling that my style of work is very different than common work culture in our country. We talk more, but work less. We Indian believe in Jugadh. And the young generation is more interested in taking shortcuts.

We again came to Kerala in 2014, the importance of Kritya  poetry festival is that it follows three language formula, the poet reads his/her poetry in his / her own language, the English translation of the poetry is run on the back screen and the translation in the local language is read by local young poets.  Every poet gets maximum time to read poetry. We also go to meet to our masters in art, as in Punjab, we went to meet famous artist Negi ji in Punjab, in Kerala; we used to go to ashan smarakam. the local language poets get full sessions, young poets also have different sessions, we never divided out audience, Another important thing was that we included poetry films, poetry painting

This was the time, I got interested in poetry therapy, I also felt that poetry is for the life and for the people we write for. Mostly we don’t read the poetry to people, who need it.

In 2016, we planned to go to different places with poetry, like colleges for the students, Asan Smarakam for the villagers, and hospital for the patients, and to the beach among the venders. We discussed the aim of poetry and the importance of languages in the poetry with young poets, who write now in English only.

Thought the idea of importance of mother language could not reach to young one immediately, still we could saw a few seeds in their mind.   This festival was small, but I had a bit satisfaction..

We planned well for the kritya2017, so that we can go to different people, who can be benefited by poetry. this time our international team was real big – as we had 24 international poets along with many Indian poets. International poets were from various counties like Turkey, Estonia, Spain, France, Germany, Netherland and Switzerland to name a few. The main aim to organize this festival was to plant a seed of thought in people especially among the young generation and use the poetry as therapy. Keeping this vision in mind we reached out to all sections of society where our poets performed  at different venues such as State Central Library, University College, S N College, Chempazhanthy and Bharat Bhavan  along with the students of a prominent college of Kerala. The most important session was to with poetry within the prison for prison inmates of Poojapura Prison Cell, Thiruvananthapuram as a part of poetic therapy, Poetry for Freedom of Soul. There will also be the screening of short international poetry films at Bharat Bhavan in the evening followed by poem recitation by South African and German poets.

The poets had opportunity to pay their tributes to the renowned Malayalam poet Mahakavi  Kumaran Asan by visiting his birth place Kayikkara , and meeting the villagers, who are also were very interested in poetry. At the end, there will also be an interaction of poets with children of orphanage called –Sai  Gramam where poetry was  used as a therapy to heal and gave children a different experience.

This was the most satisfactory experience for all of us, as we could first time feel the power of poetry while reading for the prisoners, while telling them that most important is to have  freedom in soul, and also while communicating to orphaned children. It was also wonderful experience when we meet inmates of orphanage, who could mingle with poets without worrying about the difference of languages and we all got so emotional when one 90 years old man in old age home talked about his poetic journey.

We all got satisfied-yes this celebration of poetry,


Our 11 years journey has proved that Kritya is not crowd oriented festival like many other lit festivals in India.

We go to poetry people, and especially to people, who need poetry

We communicate with all art forms, through poetry.

For us poetry is spirituality without any religion.


In modern time, when there are 336 literary festivals in India, which are attracting elite class. But none of them are communicating to poor people, villagers, farmers, orphans and prisoners. How many go to hospitals to communicate with patients.


I feel that Kritya should not become the part of such crowd festivity. That is the reason; we at Kritya are changing our path and are involving many youngsters who take Kritya to the people, who need poetry as life line in any place of the world, we can say, now Kritya is going to be real international, and go to different part of the world from war places to classrooms and mentally disturbed. It could be any country or any place or even any war place.

As I am getting old, I reduce my activity to just guide,


Right now in our team a few young poets, who have dedicated their life to poetry and people, I wish them all success and wish that Kritya will never lose its ideology